Friday, July 29, 2011

Titanic Exhibit

As a girl who had a major crush on Leonardo DiCapro circa 1997 I couldn't leave London without going to the Titanic Exhibit. Jennifer, Jessica, Adam and I went back in time to 1912 to experience what life was like during the Titanic and what was found after the boat sank.

Upon entry we each were given a boarding pass of an actual passenger that was on the Titanic. My passenger was Mrs. Louis Albert Hippach who was traveling with her daughter. Mrs. Hippach had just lost her twin sons in the Chicago Iroquois Theater fires and was trying to deal with her loss by traveling. The ladies were given first class arrangements after originally wanting to board another ship and the attendents encouraging them to stay on the boat through a bribe. At the end of the tour you could look up your passenger and see whether or not he or she survived.

The exhibit featured over 300 artifacts ranging from currency to door knobs and everything in between. It taught you about the different classes on the ship and told you interesting facts about what life was like during this time. The exhibit brought you through a step by step process of everything from the building of the ship to who survived the ship. The exhibit ended with how most of these artifacts were found through Expedition Titanic 2010.

The Titanic was led by Captain Edward Smith who had planned to retired but was talked into being captain one last time. The ship had first through third class along with lots of crew members. The price of a ticket ranged from 8 pounds to 525 pounds (today these tickets would be equivalent to 536-34150 pounds). The first class were wealthy business owners. Second class passengers consisted of more middle class people such as teachers and third class were mainly European immigrants trying to go for a better life in America. As I walked around and learned about all the differences in each class I realized at the end that most of the first class people survived out of everyone, including "myself" Mrs. Hippach.

The exhibit was very fascinating and I would recommend it to all. It is at the O2 at North Greenwich tube stop.The exhibit was extended through September 29th because of its popular demand. It cost 13 pounds and the hours vary depending on the day. For more information go to The Titanic Exhibit. Although I didn't get to see "Jack and Rose" I was happy to have been able to experience Titanic for myself.

By: Amber Rutland

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