Monday, July 11, 2011

Lights, camera, action!!

Today we had an exclusive and private tour of Dewar Studio,  with Louisa Dewar, the managing director. Dewar, the mastermind behind Dewar Studios, which includes and London City Public Relations, built her business on her passion for the entertainment industry. She started the company to afford others the chance to excel in the entertainment field. Let's listen: Dewar said she started Dewar Studios because she wanted to help young individuals have a chance she did not have. She has worked with big names in the industry such as Stephen Fry (a British comedy star), Paul Gascoigne (football legend), and the royal family. Dewar  has worked with political figures and a diplomatic circle such as parilamentary veterans, mayors and Pakistani high commisions. She hopes her business will skyrocket into a franchise in other countries like the United States, Spain, South Africa and France.

Dewar Studios is a full-service entertainment training firm. They do photo shoots, provide acting classes, host seminars, work with up and coming models and handle casting calls. Dewar said it's a  place where upcoming actors,muscians,and models come to jumpstart their careers.
"We're kind of helping them off the first platform without being too costly," Dewar said.

An eight-week actors training program begins this week to help aspiring actors prepare for their careers. The training program includes the chance to be seen by leading casting directors, learning about developing characters for the screen, staring in a 10-minute short film by an award winning director that is launched at BAFTA, listening  to guest celebrity speakers, receiving essential contact lists, getting a free makeover and photoshoot at the agency and finally, receiving a training certificate indicating completion and mastery of these essential skills. 
Dewar said her studios get busy and hectic at times. But that only proves there's a need for the services she provides.

After an afternoon with Louisa Dewar, we are all ready for our close up.
                                                                              By Jennifer Bell

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