Monday, July 11, 2011

The British Library: Explore the world's knowledge

Today, it was time for a look back at the ancient books, music, scrolls, illuminated manuscripts and pamphlets at the British Library's Sir John Ritblat's Gallery near St. Pancreas. Many of these historic eworks hit home: Think high school English and history classes where we studied "The Canterbury Tales," Shakespeare, the Magna Carta and Henry VIII's prayer roll.

The British Library has more than 14 million books, 920,000 pamphlets, 58 million patents and 3 million music recordings. Many of these books were originally in the King's Library.
The British Library has only been open since July 1, 1973. Every year, the British Library adds 3 million items. If you took five items a day to look at it would take you 80,000 years to finish looking at everything. This library is unique and a world treasure. It is one of the largest national libraries in the world, open seven days a week.
                                                                          -- By Jennifer Bell 

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