Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Irish Daily Mail

Morning with Paul Drury

This morning, our class visited with Paul Drury at the Dublin Writers Museum. Drury is a formal editor for Irish Daily Mail with thirty five years of experience in journalism. He has retired and became a member of the Press Council of Ireland. Drury was able to receive training and education in typing, newspaper law and writing that led him to many jobs in journalism. He was also fluent in speaking french and english which enhanced his employment opportunities. Drury spoke to our class about the Irish Daily Mail and how it's been one of the most successful newspapers in Ireland. He explains that Ireland newspapers are more political and independently driven then the United Kingdom. He goes on to talk about their Mail-Online newspaper and how it is the second largest online news cite in the world. The English people even begin to broadcast Ireland new daily and Irish news became even more compatible. Drury provided everyone in the class with our own Irish Daily Mail that cost one euro, a Mail-Online, a Irish Daily Mail Magainze and a copy of the Press Council of Irleand.

Touring the Dublin Writers Museum
After speaking with formal editor Paul Drury, our class went down stairs to tour the Dublin Writers Museum. The museum was established to share and celebrate Irish literature. The collection of the showcase represents individual writers who have impacted the international literature to Dublin. The museum is separated into four categorize rooms with panels that describes phrases, names and movements in which I listed below.

• The Literary Revival was the beginning room and showcase the earliest times in the nineteenth century. Located in the room was the Book of Kells and some of Irish great playwrights and novelists.

• Abby Theater room was dedicated to talented writers of the twentieth century. It mentions some teller tales (short story writers) and poetry writers in Ireland.

•Gorham Library is where the books are kept from the Irish writers and are able to be checked out. The library is design with a unique Stapleton ceiling.
• Gallery of Writers is the room to the right of the Gorham library and it is used to hold special occasions. Posted around the room are portraits of Irish writers.
For more information on Dublin Writer Museum please visit the website below

Afternoon Meeting at Cafe Le Monde
Later that afternoon, we met with Mark Fitzpatrick at Cafe Le Monde. Fitzpatrick work with journalism for forty years until he recently retired from NUJ (National Union Journalists). Fitzpatrick helped edited the business section of the newspaper. Listed below are things Fitzpatrick discussed with us.
  • NUJ was not recognize by Rupert Murdoch 
  •  Murdoch "whipping" secret painting plant disregarded all trade union contracts for nine months
  • Adoption of financial penalities
  • Privacy laws get taken advantage of by the Rich
  • Thirty journalists lost jobs because of the rumors about the world ended which affected Britain as well as the Irish 
  • In 1913 a major strike lasted eight months cause by the workers 
  • Journalists break laws to get impressive stories 
  • PCC cooperation
                                                                                    -- Kaprisha Fields

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