Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kings College London Reception

On a rainy, cool London afternoon, hundreds of American students tucked under hoodies, windbreakers and umbrellas made their way across the Thames in a very George Washington style. Like General Washington and those brave patriots who crossed the Delaware so many years ago, these students had found a new appreciation for the land they now call home and were willing to do what it takes to cement their place within its aura. But instead of a British army waiting on the other side, it was the welcoming arms of one of London’s well known institutions: King’s College.
The welcoming reception began in the KCL College Chapel, a magnificent building with its stained glass windows that contained elements of religion and the college itself. Here, program director Dr. Doug Mackaman compared the prayers echoing from the walls of the church to the prayers and hopes that students have as they venture out into one of the world’s greatest cities. He also introduced Richard Price, a businessman from the UK that is a living link between London and Mississippi, where many of the BSP students come from.
After a few more remarks and a poetry reading, students then made their way into another hall for wine and hors d’ourves. It was here that students could mix and mingle with those who they perhaps had not met with yet and the various BSP professors who serve as a guide in this very new world. As the evening event came to an end, students slowly filed out of the hall and back into the new city, eager for anything else it had in store.
                                                                                   -- By Adam Troxtell 

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