Friday, July 15, 2011

The National Portrait Gallery

   After watching countless British movies before arriving in London, I have developed a fascination with The Royals. I even began researching their lineage to see exactly how everyone was connected.

   So when I saw the multiple portraits of Queen Elizabeth the 1st at the National Portrait Gallery I was in awe.
   The particular portrait that caught my eye was the “The coronation portrait” of Queen Elizabeth I originally painted sometime before the 1600’s. The portrait is of the Queen on the day that she was crowned while wearing garments from her Mother, Queen Mary’s very own coronation.
   To further my excitement, as I passed through the rooms and the time periods, I came across pictures of the current reigning queen and namesake of the former, Queen Elizabeth II.  Pictures of the Queen now were on display, including many of her children and grandchildren. But I particularly enjoyed the photographs of Queen Elizabeth II as a child with her sister, Princess Margaret, and her parents the Queen Mother Elizabeth and her father, King George VI.
            Making the family connection of The Royals was intriguing before but after, going through the time periods in the museum and seeing paintings of what they all looked like in their time only peaked my curiosity further.

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By: Ashleigh Johnson

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