Friday, July 29, 2011

The National Gallery

Today I went to The National Gallery in search to see paintings by Vincent van Gough. I am happy to say I was successful with my findings. I got to see several of his paintings. Vincent van Gough has been one of my favorite artists and to see his work was an amazing opportunity.  My favorite paintings on showcase were Van Gough’s Chair, Farm near Auvers, and Sunflowers.  According to the description at The National Gallery Van Gough’s Chair was said to represent his plain-speaking power. I was really excited to see this one because I have been familiar with this work since my high school art class.  The Farm near Auvers painting is one that he crafted a month before his death, and according to the musem the art work of the sky suggests that the painting was never finished. I was fascinated with the fact that this was one of his last works and there I was staring at what he never had the chance to finish. The painting Sunflowers was a beautiful painting that I absolutely loved. According to the museum Van Gough actually had this painting hanging in his guest room for the arrival of his friend, artist Paul Gauguin.  All of his works are beautiful and his style is original. I was amazed to stand two feet away from his paintings, and I acknowledged the brush strokes and the beauty of his talent.
For more information about Vincent van Gough at The National Gallery go here.
By Jessica Thompson

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