Sunday, July 31, 2011


         I was able to visit and witness an exclusive artefact exhibit at the O2 located on the Greenwich peninsula. As I enetered I was given a card with a passengers name, their class, and a little bio about them. Towards the end the vistors were able to see if his or her passenger survived or not.  I was Mrs. John Jacob Astor for the afternoon. A day in a life for Madeleine (me) would have been a life of privilege. At eighteen years old I married John Jacob Astor.  Madeleine's life would forever change marrying John Jacob. He was quite a bit older than her which was quite the scandal. Mr. and Mrs. John Jacob would board the Titanic with their personal valet, maid,and nurse. The family dog named Kitty would join them as well. On that fateful night Mr. John Jacob would not survive along with his valet named Victor Robbins.  Madeleine survived along with her personal maid and nurse. Madeleine was able to comfort a third class child by offering her scarf to keep the child warm. She survived a widow and she was now a single mother.                                          

           I really enjoyed this exhibt because of the exciting yet educational artefacts. I got to travel back in time with room recreations, compelling stories, and more than 300 artefacts. Many of the display cases had artefacts that had never had been seen. They created a ice sculpture to shape like an iceburg to demonstrate how cold it was that dreadful night. The stories and eyewitness accounts really put things into perpespective. Titanic was supposed to be "unsinkable" and it claimed more than 1,500 lives on April 15th 1912. As a young child I watched Jack and Rose take the silver screen. After reading real life stories and seeing stuff taken from the Titanic I realized its much more than a fictional love story. I got to touch a part of the ship that was taken from the wreckage. This exhibition was very successful and I enjoyed it very much. This exhibition is available to buy tickets at various prices and is open from 11 am to 6:30 pm most nights and 8 pm on the weekends. This is something for any age to appreciate. I highly reccomend this exhibit and am so glad that I had the chance to go.

-Jennifer Bell

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