Friday, June 3, 2011

Meet Arlicia McGhee

Hello you all,

My name is Arlicia McGhee.  I am a graduate student at USM studying Public Relations.  This summer will actually be my second semester as a grad student.  I also received my degree from the university last December in English, and hope to finish my master’s degree in May.  I am from a town called McComb, MS, which is about an hour and a half from Hattiesburg.  A few things about me: I am loving, caring, and considerate of others.  I find it necessary to be nice to others because I would like for others to treat me the same.  One fault about myself is I have a tendency to be quiet at times because I can be extremely shy, but once I become comfortable with you, I am tons of fun and laughter.  This is my first time studying abroad and traveling overseas in general so I am really excited and looking forward to meeting everyone.  I am sure we all will become close friends during our stay in London, and I’m ready to form friendships with my soon-to-be classmates.  Maybe, I will have some takers to see Transformers 3 and the final Harry Potter with me during our stay!

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